Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly does a Ticket Broker do?

A ticket broker engages in the reselling of event tickets at market value. A Ticket Broker, like a professional who brokers any other product, is in the business of connecting buyers and sellers.

Why do Ticket Brokers often charge so much more than the face value?

Ticket prices in the secondary market reflect consumer demand, and brokers are often paying much more than the face value to obtain their ticket inventory. At the same time, brokers often do sell tickets below their cost, and even below face value! It’s just that when that happens, it doesn’t make the news reel. Also, all CTBA members need to have a set place of business, where consumers can visit, and to a certain extent the premiums charged reflect the cost of carrying on a legitimate retail business, which pays taxes and otherwise acts as a responsible corporate citizen.

How do Ticket Brokers get their tickets in the first place?

Ticket Brokers acquire their inventory from a variety of sources; including purchasing from season ticket holders, through a public sale, and even from their own customers.

What if the CTBA member doesn’t have what I want?

We encourage CTBA customers to develop a relationship with their broker, and the chances are that if that specific CTBA broker doesn’t have exactly what you need, then they can get it for you! How? By working out a trade or otherwise sourcing the tickets on your behalf at a wholesale rate, from another CTBA member.

Don’t Ticket Brokers buy up most of the tickets prior to the public sale?

No. CTBA Ticket Brokers are not affiliated with any of the primary ticket selling agents. We are a consortium of independent professional brokers, dedicated to maintaining integrity in the ticket brokering industry.

What happens if I lose my tickets, or worse – if they get stolen?

While a CTBA member will always attempt to help you rectify this situation, it is often impossible for them to replace lost or stolen tickets. As such, treat your event tickets as though they were cash, and cannot be replaced.

What are e-tickets or TicketFast®?

This is an electronic ticket that can be printed from your home computer. While concerns about people easily making and then reselling copies of the same ticket have been largely unfounded, we always recommend that you deal with a professional Ticket Broker who is a member of the CTBA, and is better equipped to assuage these concerns.